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Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

We at dtp Consulting with our active interest in a healthy lifestyle have inquired and accomplished many changes with the healthcare system in the State of Alaska. After communicating areas that needed a positive organizational transformation suggestions were made and a stellar change in the healthcare system was implemented.  Dave has initiated with his rare ability to see the whole picture and dissect it into individual snapshots that require a new point of few to acquire the final objective in a caring healthcare for the entire body.

  • Represented the entire Alaskan Healthcare Industry
  • Lead the Federal Healthcare Partnership Clinical Outcomes Project
  • Drove Continuous Quality Improvement for 8 Federally Funded Healthcare Agencies.
  • Process Improvement, Opportunity Tracking Tools
  • Medical Care Process Improvements
  • Twice Recognized by Senator Ted Stevens for Developing Innovative Solutions to Resolve AK Native Concerns

In addition to Next-Gen Hospitals (Smart Hospitals) consulting our Healthcare Consluting services focus on cost avoidance through health sciences and nutrition education.

dtp Healthcare Consulting includes:

  • Next-Gen Hospitals
  • Cost Avoidance Consulting
  • Health Sciences and Nutrition

Visit Health Eagle at USANA for more information >

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